Friday, October 19, 2012

Pat Travers Snorting Whiskey/Boom Boom -Don ODells Legends

By: dodell590 Source: Pat Travers and his bad show us once and for all how its done. Just straight forward kiss ass unadulterated rock n roll!! In your face enjoy!, best viewed by changing 360p to a HD setting.Check out the rest of the show on my homepage..Please check out other shows by Walter [...]

Dead Boys – Return Of The Living Dead Boys: Halloween Night 1986

By: MVDmusicvideo Source: An insane reformation performance at the Ritz in NYC, Halloween 1986.
On Halloween (of course!) 1986 the gods of punk rock rose from the dead. The original members of the Dead Boys reformed for a short jaunt to pre-Disney NYC and leveled the audience of old heads, burnouts, prostitutes, junkies, geeks and [...]

ROKY ERICKSON – Cold Night For Alligators Dec.2010 [HD] *re-upload

By: MikeNadi3 Source: Roky Erickson with “It’s a cold night for alligators” – Live – December 12, 2010 – Luxor Club , Cologne – Germany *re-uploaded video after account deletion… (on my first channel: MikeNadi) Roky Erickson – vocals, guitar Jon Sanchez – lead guitar John Michael Schoepf – bass Jegar Erickson – harmonica [...]