Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cleaning a Record with Wood Glue

By: ghettofunk13 Source: I wanted to try cleaning an LP with wood glue. It made for quite an improvement – and I’ve read that multiple cleanings continue to clean up the snaps crackles and pops. Edit: I know I used way too much glue in this vid. But it was my first try so [...]

How It’s Made – Vinyl Records

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Dread Zeppelin – Black Dog.mpg

By: Diego Villanueva Source: Dread Zeppelin – Black Dog…. muy buen video, como me hace reir Tortelvis….

Guitaro 5000 and LTrain @ 1st Ave station 5-27-11

By: djjezza2 Source: Guitaro 5000 and LTrain @ 1st Ave station 5-27-11

Turn Your Guitar into a DRUM SET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

By: guitaro5000 Source: Questions? Please ask at NEXT LESSON: Donate to Guitaro’s nursing school tuition: FREE DOWNLOAD: Billie Jean cover FOr booking: