Tuesday, February 10, 2015

MysSecretIsland "Cant Get Enough Anthem

When Punk Rock emerged on the scene, it was an exhilarating rush of adrenaline and wonderment as this bundle of energized tunes came flooding from many directions all united in some strange way that ushered in the feeling of freshness and creativity.

If you missed that experience and want to get a feel for that with a band breathing that energized punk feel with gritty guitars and vocals with an attitude surrounded by unique keyboard grooves; it's time you discovered the sounds that this hot band, My Secret Island is creating like "Can't Get Enough". Discover for yourself here:

Polaris Rose "Set Me On Fire"

Polaris Rose "Set Me On Fire", hey that's the title to this post and it refers to this great Indie Rock band I have been listening to over at soundcloud.com (A great place to find undiscovered masterpieces like this one.)

Polaris Rose is the band and they may be new to me but from the first few notes with this song, "Set Me On Fire", that's just what they did, set me ablaze with great rockin' grooves. Their production as an indie band is spot on. The musicians in this group know how to rock and they bring it, great vocals along with awesome guitars always hooks me. And hey I'm hooked. I enjoyed this I know you will too, so check 'em out.....
Polaris Rose Set Me On Fire