Saturday, November 10, 2012

TheWingedBeatle – TheMovie

By: iamaphoney Source: download TheRottenApple TheRightAlbum TheRevelAtion

Xbro Blues Rock

By: David Price Source: Played a session Halloween night and this is one of the clips from that session. I’m playing the Dean guitar named Hellga. ©2112 David Price

Thursday, November 8, 2012

LUNAR DUST – Beware The Cactus (stoner rock from Italy)

By: lunardust2009 Source: from the album Full Moon Blues, 2011

Most BRUTAL Dubstep Drops ever! (90min.) 2012, HD!

By: FearDubstep Source: The Most Heavy Brutal Dubstep Drops ever! Just enjoy this mix! Please support me by subscribing Like my Page on Facebook: Soundcloud: Please turn the Volume down and watch in HD (720p)! I dont own the rights of the following Songs! NO Abuse! TRACKLIST: 0:00 DUBSIDIA – ELEKKTROSHOCKK 0:40 [...]

Chords of Truth - Tune Your Mind (Momentum Folkhouse Remix)

Curious sort that I am, I often find myself exploring a variety of areas of music. In the 1980s music split into a number of different directions and one of those directions was House Music. Tonight I found myself listening to some House Music and discovered that there are an incredible amount of sub-genres inside of this music genre. One piece prompted me to write of my new discoveries. This tune is labeled by it’s creator as Folkhouse.

So if you haven’t listened yourself yet, I’ll give you the nudge to go ahead. This tune has a unique vibe that makes you want to both dance and chill at the same time. A very relaxing groove that I had to listen to twice as I tried to decipher what Momentum did to achieve this effect. I didn’t figure it out the second time so I’ll get to enjoy this tune again and again as I try to decipher it’s mysteries. Turn up your sound and listen with me… Chords of Truth - Tune Your Mind (Momentum Folkhouse Remix)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Bryan Bassett Solo

By: mccrackin1000 Source: Bryan Bassett, at the top of his game. Foghat’s lead guitarist, Performs a Slide Bar Solo at Jefferson Park Fest 6-6-08.

Foghat Slow Ride Live with Rod Price Slide Guitar Intro Detroit 1976

By: tjrrockandrollmaster Source: Here is a classic live version of Foghat’s “Slow Ride” originally on 1975′s Fool For the City album and on 1977′s Live performed at Cobo Hall in Detroit in December of 1976 with a stellar slide intro by the late Rod Price (the Magician of the Slide). Written by the also [...]

Foghat – Slow Ride (Live)

By: danielpradosh Source: Dave Peverett: guitar, vocals Rod Price: guitar, slide Tony Stevens: bass Roger Earl: drums