Saturday, June 1, 2013


I was looking at some established artist in the music business to get an idea of the creative direction that established career artist is taking these days. What I found worth sharing is "#Beautiful'', a new song from Mariah Carey that she and male vocalist, Miquel perform as a duet.
In a fast changing market, you have to be creative continually move forward. Many musicians find these new directions via the route of collaboration. #Beautiful is one such song. Carey fans will be very excited to find this new work when it reaches their ears. #Beautiful is an engagingly fun song. Upbeat and full of positive energy. Carey's voice is in great form as always and interplays well with the male vocals provided by the smooth singing Miquel. Some duets don't gel as they try to match star power and not artistic melding; but this couple pulls it all together, bringing us one of the years most enjoyable new songs. The song has an almost 1960s boy-girl romantic feel to it, like the music lovers would gather around the jukebox and plunge quarters into over and over to capture that lovely feeling the music produced. Yet this is no aged song the music is very modern and adds to the showcase of the smooth vocals surrounding this song's structure. I don't have to plug any quarters into a slot thankfully; instead I can just replay this one over and over while doing something simple....enjoying Mariah's Beautiful new tune! You can play it over and over here...